Bob Isaacson's Speedy Wheeler Marshall Figure

We have all heard the expression “Hindsight is a wonderful thing” well that is absolutely the truth. I say this because our young friend Christian Morse wrote in a comment to the blog about Speedy Wheeler being one of the best Marshall figures out there. I must agree with him and at the same time I kick myself in the behind every time I think about Speedy. You ask why and I will tell you.
Bob Isaacson is a collector and performer and when I started looking for Marshall Figures in earnest, I contacted Bob and told him that I was in the market looking to purchase a Marshall. Bob said I came to the right person because he was entertaining the idea of parting with his back up Speedy Wheeler which he had Frank Marshall carve for him, but he had only used him twice. Yup you have that right it was brand new old stock. Bob and I talked and he sent me pictures and

I drooled and pondered and finally told Bob that I really want him but just did not have enough money to be able to make the purchase. He understood and told me it was OK that I didn’t purchase him.
I really agonized over not purchasing Speedy and it took me some 6 more months to put the money together that he was asking and then I called him back. Much to my dismay he had already sold him to another well known collector “Mr Tom Ladshaw”

Tom I take my hat off to you because as Bob will tell anyone, every time we talk I always mention to him that in my collecting of ventriloquist figures I made one mistake and that was to not bite the bullet and purchase his figure.

Since that time I have never passed on purchasing a Frank Marshall and I don’t think I ever will again.

Oh Hindsight!!!!!



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  1. christian says:

    I don’t know what it is about speedy but the that face is one in a figure you do not come across often but i love vintage figure’s

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