Bill Matthews Visits Ventriloquist Central Collection

bill mathews

Last week it was my pleasure to have Bill Matthews and his lovely family come visit me and see the Ventriloquist Central Collection. They arrived at about 11:30 AM and were able to spend an hour and a half to two hours viewing the collection with me and Helen and then we had a snack and his children had fun playing with the slot machines.

This was a beautiful letter that was sent to me after Bill Matthews came to visit and I thought I would share it with you.


Thank you so much for opening your home to us to see the Ventriloquist Central Collection last Thursday. We all REALLY enjoyed ourselves. Stephen, I think, had a little TO much fun. Nothing like a preacher’s kid getting hooked on a slot machine! :-)

We really enjoyed the figures. It was like taking a trip through ventriloquial history. Seeing genuine Mack, Marshall, McElroy, and other maker’s figures was exciting, to say the least. I also enjoyed looking over the Turner and Gilmer figures. I especially enjoyed seeing your Charlie, Mortimer, Jerry, Knucklehead, and Harry figures. I almost expected them to start moving and talking by themselves. I also enjoyed seeing Johnny and Happy and a special treat was seeing the Pre-Charlie Charlie.

My sons, Josiah and Stephen, enjoyed seeing Happy, Sparky, and the fortune teller. Laurie, my wife, enjoyed them, too, but also enjoyed the Siamese Twins and the girl figure with red hair and freckles (actually, all the red-headed figures). Larry (my figure) for some reason felt a special affinity there, too.

Thank you again for allowing us to stop by. The refreshments were greatly appreciated, too. It was a very restful and enjoyable stop on our 10-hour trip home. I hope to be able to swing by again sometime. Thank you for all you do for the wonderful art of ventriloquism. It is greatly appreciated.


Bill, Laurie, Josiah, & Stephen Matthews (& Larry Lack-O-Witz, too :-)

I want you all to know that if you happen to be in the Boston area you too can come by and see the Ventriloquist Central Collection. As I’ve said in the past it is always a pleasure to have you come and see the collection.

There is no sense in collecting anything if you can’t share it with those who have a love for the same thing that you have.




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