Another Mystery Ventriloquist


Everyone likes these Mystery Ventriloquists so here is another one to twist your mind.

See if you can guess this handsome fellows name and the name of his superb Marshall figure. I will give a clue he was a “Double Talker”.

The answer will be posted after we get some guesses.




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5 Responses to Another Mystery Ventriloquist

  1. Bob Isaacson says:

    That Vent is Skeets Minton & his fig. was Jimmy Morton. It was my pleasure to meet Skeets back in 1951, backstage at the famous Chicago Theatre. Frank Marshall, Dennis Alwood & I visited with Skeets, who also introduced us to Danny Thomas, who was appearing live to promote his new movie. Dennis & I were high school kids back then ( a long time ago !) Skeets was terrific; his figure did singing impressions of famous singers of that era. ( sounds like Terry Fator doesn’t it ?) Another memorable event for me !

  2. Bob Isaacson says:

    Forgot to mention…after the shown photo here ( don’t know when it was taken)..Skeets had Frank Marshall install lifting eyebrows, winkers & a smiling upper lift on Jimmy Morton. After I saw that; I took my Speedy Wheeler back to Frank & Frank installed the same additional movements on my Speedy a few months later. That Speedy, created in 1951 is now owned by Jerry Layne.

  3. LeeDean says:

    Figure looks a little like Speedy Wheeler, but I do not know.

  4. Greg Claassen says:

    I’m bettin’ Bob is right. He always is!! :o) If he’s wrong, he sure made up a good story.


  5. Bob Isaacson says:

    When you type with 2 fingers as I do & don’t proof read what you’ve written; the result is..what I said about Skeets getting the additional movements installed by Frank for Jimmy Morton…should have said…..”smiling upper lip”, not smiling upper lift…sorry, will try not to hurry……ha ha

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