Anderson Cooper Ventriloquist Figure

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You may have seen the Anderson Cooper or “Mini Cooper” ventriloquist figure on eBay for a mere $360,000.00.

Well, Chris Alan, maker of this ventriloquist figure sent this info to me:

Just thought you might like to know, my Anderson Cooper figure aka Mini Cooper) was featured on Anderson’s show, AC360. In case you missed it, Anderson Cooper did a wonderful segment about Mini Cooper and ventriloquism, in general! Hope all is well!


Chris, thanks so much for sharing this with us.



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6 Responses to Anderson Cooper Ventriloquist Figure

  1. Tom conner says:

    My two cents what ever Anderson cooper talked about or did doesn’t make that figure worth $360.000 I don’t care what anybody says. My opinion is that litte figure is more like $360.00 value. One thing for sure anyone who has any sense at all would agree.

    • Steve says:

      Good luck finding a custom-sculpted, hand-made ventriloquist dummy for $360. Please let us all know when you do.

    • Chris Alan says:

      If you watched the video, you would realize the $360k price tag was a joke. I did not want to sell Mini Cooper, so attached a ridiculous price to prevent that from happening.

  2. Tom says:

    So was my comment

  3. Tom conner says:

    Hey…. Steve you said to let you all know when I find custom- sculpted, hand made ventriloquist dummy for $360.00 . Ok now I’m letting you all know this very figure here
    With light up eyes has just sold for $152.50 on eBay. Well how about it.

  4. Tom conner says:

    Hey Steve ….. I found one the same one as above only with eyes that light up.
    Just sold on eBay 8-25-2016 for a mere $152.50. You said to let you all know ok here you go!

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