A Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figure for Lester Marshall Jr.

I hope you enjoyed reading the story about Lester Marshall Sr and Lester Marshall Jr.from Bob Isaacson because now you have some background on the two them.

I am happy to introduce to you the wonderful Marshall figure made for Lester Marshall Jr in 1957. He is in terrific shape and still has on the original tuxedo that Lester Marshall dressed him in as pictured in the poster which I have also included for you to see.
I am always excited to share my figures with everyone and to give you all as much information as I possibly can about each one that joins my collection. If you have any more information about Lester Marshall or Lester Marshall Jr please share it with us.

Click Here to see the Lester Marshall Jr figure


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  1. George Boosey says:

    I purchased a whole box of early vent publications from Les Marshall Jr. many years ago and he threw in some pictures of he and his his dad with their figures, including one in a while Tux (top at least). Someone, I believe it was Mike Shirley, thought one of the figures might have been a figure he had purchased and I sent him a picture — but it turned out not to be the one. As I look at your pictures of the Les Marshall Jr. figure, I wonder if it is the same as the one pictured with Les Lester?

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