1966 Jerry Mahoney Ventriloquist Figure by Paul Winchell

jerry mahoney 01

Back in the 1960’s Paul Winchell became disenchanted with the Juro Toy Co and decided to release his Jerry Mahoney & Knucklehead Smiff figures himself.

He did a wonderful job on these toys because the likeness of the characters was far and away above what Juro had done. They really did look just like the original figures.

Paul sold these, from what I understand, only on the west coast and they were only on the market for 1 year which makes them today very rare and valuable.

I am pleased to show you today a very fine example of one of these Jerry Mahoney figures and he is in very fine condition and even his mouth still works when you pull the string which comes out the back of his neck. He is dressed in the original cloths too. If you sat this one next to a Juro Jerry you can really see the difference in quality.

jerry mahoney 02

jerry mahoney 03

jerry mahoney 04

jerry mahoney 05

I am not really into toys but this is one for the collector so if you think it is something you would like to own contact me as I will sell him.




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2 Responses to 1966 Jerry Mahoney Ventriloquist Figure by Paul Winchell

  1. nick says:

    very rare, and it has a very close look to the real jerry (something the juros didnt have as well as this one) a wonderfull figure

  2. Susan says:

    Hello! I found your blog while doing some research on this little figure I have. I’m wondering if you know anything about it, as I am coming up completely EMPTY in trying to identify it.

    It’s a little rubber figure, about 3″ tall. It is marked “Paul Winchell 1966″ on back. I think it might be related to Paul Winchell the ventriloquist, as there is a small hole in the back of the head to place a finger, in order to move the mouth open and closed.

    Have you ever seen this? Do you think it was made by ” the” Paul Winchell?

    Two photos at these links:

    Thanks SO much for your time & help!

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