1930's Walking Marshall Ventriloquist Figure

A very few full size walking Frank Marshall figures are know to exist. I myself only know of 2 that are outside of my own collection, one being Champagne Charlie at the Vent Haven Museum, and another owned by Mr. Bob Abdou. I myself own 2 of Marshall’s walking figures and here is one of them.

I have taken some close up shots showing the way the mechanism is attached to the left hand so that while walking the ventriloquist can control the movement of the mouth. On this particular example it is done with a long lever up the arm attached to a cord which is then attached to a brass lever on the underside of the shoulder board and then again attached to the mouth lever on the head stick.

My other walking figure has this mouth movement accomplished by a squeeze bladder in the hand which runs to the mouth. That figure is currently being restored by Ray Guyll.
This figure is large and stands about 50″ tall. The legs are all basswood and are jointed as well as the arms which are also basswood and jointed. The arms are attached to the shoulders with metal straps to facilitate the weight when walking the figure. These do weigh in at around 20 pounds.
This fellow has moving side to side self centering eyes and also slot jaw. The paint and wig on the head have been redone, the paint is around 40 years old. I replaced the wig.
I hope you like seeing this rare figure.

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