Wig Placement For Ventriloquist Figures

One of the things that folks hate are making all the holes in the ventriloquist figure’s head when attaching them either with staples or small carpet tacks.

Frank Marshall used carpet tact almost exclusively but if you remove the wig and then re install you end up with the unsightly extra holes.

Another method of attaching the wig is with the use of hot glue. I find this works very well but be prepared to do a bit of paint touch up when you remove same.

I have also used strips of Velcro. You have to glue one side of the Velcro to the inside of the wig in strategic places and then attach the opposite side of the Velcro to the head.

Most Velcro has stick back so it will stick to the head with no problem. This method allows the easiest way to remove the wig and to re attach same with not many problems.

If you have another method we would all like to hear it.



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3 Responses to Wig Placement For Ventriloquist Figures

  1. Nicholas J. Wing says:

    A good looking head of hair can improve a figure a lot. I love the hair that Bob Issacson used on the Charlie in your collection Dan. Looks very natural. Details make the difference.

  2. P. Grecian says:

    If the hair on the wig is full enough, I’ve used thumb tacks with colored heads that match the hair.

  3. Joe Simone says:

    My figure was bought new and it arrived with the wig stapled on. I think most vents want to access the mechanics as do I. I carefully removed the staples and attached velcro. The adheisive on the velcro was very strong although I noticed a few of the corners were lifting. A little dab of Krazy glue proved to be a perfect solution to really bond them down perfectly!

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