Ventriloquist Sellers Beware !!! Important !!

sellers beware

I have written blogs in the past about this subject but again it has been brought to my attention that a situation has again arisen concerning the purchase of some very expensive and collectible ventriloquist figures but then, after commitments are made, no funds are forth coming.

Now due to the possibility of law suit for slander I am not able to give names. But I can tell you that if you are approached by a teenager supported by their parent concerning buying your ventriloquist figure or figures, they keep making promises and excuses but never following through, then this should immediately send up a red flare.

They recently made commitments, causing the sellers to spend funds which they thought they were going to receive from this duo, but no funds ever arrived. This is a game that they have played with many so far including myself. Their words by way of email and even phone calls make them sound so sincere but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

So again I am sending everyone a warning. BEWARE and also never send anything without having the funds in your hand.




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2 Responses to Ventriloquist Sellers Beware !!! Important !!

  1. Dan,
    Thanks for warning the Vent Community. I would be more specific. The parent is a Mother (Boy is she a Mother). The child is a Son (of his Mother) I have now heard of over a dozen complaints on this pair. They now live in MO. The Mother could be identified as a “spice”, and the boy is supposedly “under 18” (and has recently gotten married). They now top “The Peckerwood List” that I have begun, because they are not the only ones doing this. . . just the worst.

    Steve at The Dummy Shoppe

  2. Connie Ihle-Rubben says:

    Ironic isn’t it that this “kid with a trust fund” can not be trusted. Sad that his mother “the spice she is” is playing the game with him. Missouri has their hands full now this this duo moving in. No names need be given and wouldn’t matter because the kid has changed his last name three times. Luckily, we figured it all out in the Nick of time.

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