Ventriloquist Johnny Main and Friends

As you all know I am the proud owner of Johnny Main’s collection of great ventriloquist figures made by both Frank Marshall and Johnny himself and is a great focal point of my collection. I was very happy when Mr. Mike Randall the Chief Meteorologist from WKBW-TV contacted me and gave me some great footage of Johnny Main with his collection.

It is a great glimpse at a truly wonderful performer who was taken from our midst far to early. Thanks Johnny Main for giving to us all those fine years of stupendous ventriloquism and great characters. Johnny was one of the few who could put his hand into any figure and breath life into that character. Many will attest to his prowess with the figures in the lobby of the hotel late night at the vent convention.
I never did meet Johnny myself but he can rest knowing that all of his characters are well taken care of and can be seen anytime here on Ventriloquist Central.

Mike Randall Feature-Johnny Main Ventriloquist

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6 Responses to Ventriloquist Johnny Main and Friends

  1. bob abdou says:

    damn, only Johnny can pull that off,
    what an incredible find

    I miss him, what a guy

  2. christian says:

    wow thats amazing he’s just one of the best vents ever i like that video

  3. Tom Crowl says:

    Is the eyewitness news character a part of your collection? :-) That was a great video! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lee says:

    Could that be any funnier ? Great Clip !! Thanks!!

  5. Johnny Main Jr says:

    My Dad was One of the best ……. Thank you Dan for showing this

  6. ADELE says:

    I grew up seeing Johnny Main. He was a personal friend of my mother’s. She used to run a tavern in just outside Elmira NY . The building is still there but it has sat empty for many years. Johnny used to come to play at my mother’s tavern many a weekend. And would come to our house in Athens (Willawana) on Monday evenings for cookouts. He ate vension for the first time at one of those cookouts when some told him try this steak. When I was 14 my mother let me see the full uncensored version of his show. At that time a lot of the jokes went over my head. The last time I saw Johnny was 1972 he was playing at the Club Utica and I brought my friends. Whom of course Archie picked on. Such a talent – I will always remember him – he called me little Marianne. ( That was my mother’s name ).

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