Ventriloquist Figures – An eBay Frenzy

EBay is an amazing tool and a great place to buy and sell but it has its ups and downs just like anywhere else. I must say though this past week or so it has been very active ventriloquist figure wise.
Bill Nelson listed a superb scowling figure which ultimately sold for $4050.00. I think that when a work of art is presented right it will certainly bring the money that is due for the time an effort that is put into creating that object. Bill proved that. Another seller is trying to ride on Bill’s coat tails and has listed another of his creations but instead of doing an auction it too is listed with big dollar amount. I wonder if it will sell. I think it has been on eBay in the past and didn’t sell.
A Marshall figure was listed for the third time and did not sell. I think it was still too much money myself, but every time it is listed the price drops and I think maybe the next time it will possibly be right. I wish that seller would do it like a regular auction so that it would reach the correct price.
There are 2 Insull figures listed right now. One is listed with a starting price of $1000.00 and for those who may want to know, that figure was owned previously by Col. Bill Boley. The person selling it purchased it a few years ago from Bill’s wife. The second one is a figure which was sold by Maher Studios. It has the Maher Body with original Maher clothing and the rubber hands they also used. The head is a Len Insull head. Madeline Maher used to purchase the heads from Davenports in London and marry them to her body. Many times you would purchase a specific figure from their catalogue and when your figure arrived this would be what you received. I have heard this from many people. I wonder if many returned them???
There are some nice items listed in our marketplace so don’t forget to look!!

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