Ventriloquist Figure Maker Frank Marshall Plaster Sculpture


Today I am happy to show you a new piece that was donated to the Ventriloquist Central Collection by Ray Guyll.

Frank Marshall was talented for sure. He even sculpted in plaster. This piece of sculpture was done for Earl Estenson and it was a rendition of his original figure named Eddie O’Connor which was made of plastic wood.



If you don’t recognize the face, or the name I mentioned above, I will help a bit more. The original figure was made by Martin and Olga Stevens, they were puppeteers and actually taught Earl how to build figures, out of plastic wood.

I know that still does not give you enough to know who the owner happened to be, so I will tell you, it was Dick Weston. Earl Estenson was Dick Weston.

Dick Weston became famous in Las Vegas using his characters Aunt Martha and Clarence. Both of them were also built by Dick out of plastic wood.

Mr Weston went to Frank Marshall and was going to have his figure Eddie O’Connor redone by Frank but I think this was as far as the project went. This piece was part of the many Frank Marshall items that the late Brian Hamilton received from Frank’s sister Mae, which then went to our friend Bob Isaacson, which then went to Ray Guyll and now has found its way here to Ventriloquist Central.

I am happy to share this with you all and to also show off Frank’s talent.

Also here is a great video of Dick Weston performing.




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2 Responses to Ventriloquist Figure Maker Frank Marshall Plaster Sculpture

  1. LeeDean says:

    Truly great.

  2. Philip Grecian says:

    I’d seen him do that years ago (same clip?) but it still astonished me there at the end. I was a pretty darn good ventriloquist in my day, but that’s just phenomenal. Thanks for sharing, Dan!

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