Ventriloquist Figure Heads With No Bodies

It is fun to go and read back catalogues of the old ventriloquist figure builders. I find that all of them were proud to offer all kinds of parts separately for sale.

You could buy the head, body hands feet etc, etc, on their own. Prices did in fact reflect the separate purchase of those items and you did pay more them individually as compared to purchasing a complete figure.

Recently I was able to acquire a couple antique ventriloquist heads so I am on a quest to find some antique bodies. I don’t much care what antique body I find for these heads because in the day, the parts were switched around and performers often purchased just back up heads. It is always smart as a performer to have a back up just in case.

Johnny Main had a back up of every character in his entourage. I do think it is a wise move for anyone who is performing in earnest.

Anyway let me know if you have any bodies or hands lying around. I NEED THEM.



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