Ventriloquist ConVENTion – George Boosey #2 Update

George Boosey called around 12:30 eastern time to give us an update on the morning at Vent Haven. Mark Wade gave out the W.S. Berger Distinguished Award to Dan & Mary Fry.

Ken Groves did a presentation about his “Breaking Down The Brick Walls of Showbusiness”. Some great quotes from Ken’s presentation:

“I do comedy-the tool I use is ventriloquism.”
“When you’re setting up a show, you’re setting up a package.”

Talking about the importance of lip control…..
“We need to bring back the mystery of what we do.”
“Without the mystery you’re not a ventriloquist, you’re a puppeteer.”

About doing your shows….
“You need a laugh within the first 30 seconds or you’ll have a long night.”

Tim and Amanda Cowles had a presentation about transitions.
“Transitions can make or break a program.”

Thanks George…..and he’ll be giving up more updates.




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