Ventriloquist Central Marketplace HOT !!!

Since the inception of this great site I always wanted to make sure that folks would also be able to buy and sell their vent figures as well. A one stop location for all information on ventriloquism plus a place where you can feed your wants.

Well it seems that the marketplace has become a hot place as of late. We suspended the fees for listing and some very nice items have appeared and also they have been selling. Make sure you go and take a peek I am sure you will see something that will be to your liking. Also if you have an item to sell let us know.

Click here for the Ventriloquist Marketplace

Please don’t forget that McElroy Magic is still available and is a must for your ventriloquist book collection. You will never be sorry for purchasing this fantastic work by Greg Claassen.

Click here for “McElroy Magic”



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