Ventriloquist Bill DeMar and Chuck Norwood

Everyone who knows anything about ventriloquism knows who Bill DeMar is. He is one of the finest old school ventriloquists out there and is still going strong. He recently had Chuck Norwood Re… Re-Done by Al Stevens ( a great figure maker and repairman by the way) and when he received him back from Al he wrote me a note which he has kindly said I can share with the Ventriloquist Central community. Thanks Bill!!
“Got ‘Chuck’s’ head today, FINALLY!!  He’s lying down right now, tired after that long ridiculous trip.   Al Stevens did a BANG UP JOB, on poor Chuck.  But the box he came in had so much popcorn in it, I can open my own theatre.   Chuck now has moving eyebrows.

I can not thank Al enough for all he’s done.   Timing is essential, and Al called me from
Florida, just minutes after I got home with ‘Chucks’ head.   It’s very interesting how one can have a figure in repair, or gone from your presence and you feel like a family member is missing.  You feel much better when you get the figure back where it belongs.
I’ve told this before, but…when I was working for Jack Ruby one time (I worked for him many times) and I was staying at his apartment, and someone broke into my car and stole Chucks case and my baritone Uke, and a suit, And Jack came in late and said, “it looks like someone has broken into your car.”  I ran down stairs and found ‘Chucks’ case had been abandoned in the parking lot, to much for ‘them’ I guess.

Also used ‘Chuck’ back in ’53 while traveling through Germany, in a restaurant and got a free meal.  In London I got a free apartment.  And a girl.  Chuck has been a big help to me.  Without him I would have had to go to ‘work’.  Sorry about the use of the four letter word.” 

Bill told me today that he does not have a digital camera so he was unable to send me any pictures so I would like to thank Al Stevens for his pictures of how Chuck Norwood and how he now looks today.

To see Chuck Norwood,  just click on this link for Al Steven’s Blog!



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