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One of our contributors Lee Dean asked me a great question about the sizes that Frank Marshall ventriloquist figures came in so I decided to take out my ruler and see just how many sizes I had in my collection. I was surprised at the out come.

The smallest figure is of course the Tommy Knotts figure which stands a full 18″ tall. One is pictured in my Frank Marshall figures pages.

Next I have a really cute boy figure which comes in at 28″ tall. I can see this size being used as a dummy’s dummy although this one is not set up for that usage.

Then I have a Ricky Tik figure and also a figure used by Roy Douglas and those are both 33″ tall. These can both be seen on my Frank Marshall collection pages.

The next step up are the full size figures and they range in height from 40″ tall to 44″ tall and a lot of that is dependant on the length of the leg material. Most of mine are 40″ tall but a few are longer.

I also have 2 walking figures by Frank Marshall and those figures are 50″ tall .

So there you have it down to the inches for the Frank Marshall figures. I am sure that there may be others that have figures with different heights but I think this will give you an idea of the different sizes that Mr Marshall created.



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