The Giant and the Ventriloquist Marketplace

ventriloquist marketplace

Wow!!! Can you imagine selling your ventriloquist figure then being told by the largest selling venue in the world that you can’t have your money until you ship your figure to the buyer and then the buyer must leave you a positive feedback? Once the feedback has been left they will release the funds to you.

This make no sense to me at all. What if the buyer receives the figure from you and then says he or she is unhappy so all they have to do is say there is something wrong with it and low and behold they get the money back and now you don’t have your money nor do you have the figure. What a bizarre way to run a selling venue.

I am only telling you what has happened to our friend Mike Palma with a sale that he made on the big venue.

The big site cares not about the seller and is only concerned with the buyer because they do not want to be part of any law suits or complaints. You as the seller no longer have any protection. All the protection is done for the buyer.

I myself have not used this venue for selling in over 2 years and that was prompted by the unreasonable amount of money they now take at the end of the auction. It is around 15% of your sale.

For that kind of a percentage I would rather use the Ventriloquist Marketplace. Why should you have to give away so much of your selling price?

On Ventriloquist Marketplace you deal directly with the buyer and you have the option of payment on your terms. I do remember when you could get payment by check or money order on the big site but they no longer allow that.

So I know I have talked before about this but just remember the amount you would love on your pricing with the giant, reduce that price on the Ventriloquist Marketplace and low and behold you will make the sale.

When you price your Ventriloquist Figures and related items right, they sell very quickly. We have a huge number of people that check the marketplace every day looking to purchase (and that number keeps growing).

Just saying…..



Dan Willinger is a ventriloquism enthusiast and ventriloquist figure collector. He has been collecting for over 25 years. He created the Ventriloquist Central Collection. It now has over 100 ventriloquist figures and over 50 of them are Frank Marshall figures. Because of his love for the art of ventriloquism, Mr. Willinger created the website Ventriloquist Central. For more information about the website, go to:

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3 Responses to The Giant and the Ventriloquist Marketplace

  1. Mike Palma says:


    When I have to sell another figure or vent related item, it will be sold thru your ventriloquist market place!! No more e bay for me!!! Btw, the gentlemen who wanted to buy the figure told me that he had looked on the ventriloquist market place, so yes, people are looking at your site and I feel a person who is really interested in buying a figure will feel more comfortable and safer buying a figure from Ventriloquist market place!!!

    Thanks to you and steve for having a wonderful outlet to sell and buy ventriloquist supplies!

    Best regards,

    Mike Palma

  2. Amen to that, Mike.
    I used to sell on Ebay, but their policies have changed for the worse. the Ventriloquist Marketplace is the intelligent alternative. You have in Dan and Steve, REAL people who actually CARE about both the buyer and seller and the listing fee is VERY reasonable. Good luck trying to even CONTACT anyone at The Big E site.

  3. Philip Grecian says:

    There have been a couple of times in the past when I’ve bought things on ebay and have forgotten to give feedback. Do you mean the seller had to wait for his money? Since I forgot until weeks later, then figured it was too late, is there a cut off point? I should go back and see if I can fix that!

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