Steve Meltzer Puppeteer and Ventriloquist was one of a kind!!


It is with the heaviest of heart that I have to give the worst news to all my readers here at Ventriloquist Central that our good friend, marionettist and ventriloquist succumbed to Cancer at 1:00 am Nov 30th 2009. As you all know Steve put his heart and soul into puppetry and if you watch any of his videos you can see how much he really loved what he did. Puppetry was not just a job for Steve it was Steve. The Santa Monica Puppetry Center closed this past summer and I don’t think there will ever be another puppetry place quite like it.

Steve is survived by his Mother, who is 92 and was with Steve to the end, and his sisters who I believe live in Florida

Steve I know you are showing everyone up there how to manipulate a juggling marionette and we all down here are better off for what you gave us. Rest in peace my friend.



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5 Responses to Steve Meltzer Puppeteer and Ventriloquist was one of a kind!!

  1. Bill Smith says:

    So sorry to hear this! I never saw the man, but feel deep pain ANYTIME we lose one of our “family”! May his marrionette’s strings reach to the heavens! R.I.P. our brother.

  2. Bob Isaacson says:

    Steve was a very generous man with his sharing of his talent & knowledge of puppetry. He attended several of our Vent Haven conventions, performed there & was a great inspiration to the young people. Steve was a “Gentle Giant” & a fine man.

  3. George Boosey says:

    Steve was a very nice man, quiet but friendly. I first met him at the 1994 convention in Kentucky and saw him a few other times. I only got to see him perform once, but he was very good. May he rest in peace.

  4. bob abdou says:

    Hey Dan & Steve,

    some have asked me about the dummies used by Steve in his shows, they were all his creations and he prided himself in making them,
    Steve’s philosophy was if you build it yourself, you can fix it yourself

    Fred Mingo was Steve’s alter ego, and he would tell collection agencies that they needed to talk to Fred if they wanted to get paid, so everytime a phone call would come in for Fred, Steve knew it was a collection agency and he would tell them to call back later when Fred comes back from lunch

  5. LeeDean says:

    I did not know Steve Meltzer personally, but his work was such that I know that W.S. Berger would have liked him.

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