So You Want A Large Marionette???

This is amazing…..

Massive Marionettes

Here are a couple of YouTube videos about these Massive Marionettes:




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4 Responses to So You Want A Large Marionette???

  1. LeeDean says:

    Collosal contrasted to Dapper Dan the marionette man on ebay yesterday no strings attached.

  2. Wanlu says:

    I recently bought a few marionettes from Frankie Malachi in Singapore. A bit pricey but these are pro marionettes and they move very well. Costumes are nice and one can easily say that these were made a pro marionette maker. The Elvis and MJ marionettes were priced like a basic Selberg :) while the Clown was just a bit lower and the Mummy was half the price.

    In any case…I enjoy performing with them. I have tried the clown juggler 3 times and the audience love the guy. :) But the Elvis marionette works great all the time…people shout like crazy when they see Elvis sing and dance. Ihave yet to try the mummy and MJ. :)

    My sons, Martin, Ivan and Gabby are also trying to learn how to perform with the marionettes. My son Ivan won in a TV contest using Elvis and won US$1300 (I did not get a single peso…but he did give me a big box of Yellow Cab pizza) He joined another TV contest using Elvis and he got $120…not bad :) Last week he tried again using the clown and again he got $120 :) again…I did not get a single peso from those gigs… but I was very proud.

    My son Martin plans to join another TV contest using MJ which is more difficult to handle… :)

    Thanks for reading :)


  3. LeeDean says:

    Is that Michael Jordan or Jackson? I assume Jackson in context with Elvis, but was such a fan of Jordan and followed him in NBA thru the six titles that was my first thought, and considering not that much a Jackson fan, but I know it had to be Michael Jackson you were alluding to Wanlu. … {Tried to copy the smiley face after the three dots but didn’t work for some reason.}

  4. Wanlu says:

    Hi LeeDean,

    Type : and )

    and yes…it’s Michael Jackson… :)


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