Silence That Ventriloquist Mouth

OK that is not you, the ventriloquist, it is meant for the clacking sound that we sometimes hear when a ventriloquist is performing with his figure and the mouth is banging and making noise.

Sometimes this happens because the spring is very tight but for the most part it is a matter of learning how to control the movement of the palate. You really have to find the sweet spot of the throw of the lever so you don’t make the mouth clack.

A good remedy if you find this hard to do is the use of a buffer inside the mouth. You can purchase white felt pads that are sticky on one side, paint it to match the color of the inside of the mouth and that will usually buffer the sound.

Of course the old statement is always best ” Practice Makes Perfect”.



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3 Responses to Silence That Ventriloquist Mouth

  1. LeeDean says:

    A small piece of that part of a bandaid that has the gauze, leaving just enough sticky at the perimeter to hold, works ok.

  2. Troy Anderson says:

    Mike Brose offered a brilliant idea for this on “Bellytalkers” (I think). Using an L bracket made from flat stock. With the L bracket inverted (pointing downward) one part is glued to the inside bottom of the mouth section, where the mouth meets the neck. A pad is glued to the other end of the bracket, softly coming to rest on the inside of the neck below the mouth piece just before the mouth touches. I tried this with my figure as soon as I saw it and it works perfectly. A little preplanning is in order to get the bend & pad thickness just right before gluing of course.

  3. Also try a THIN coat of clear silicone caulk to one of the lips. Works great!

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