Shirts For Ventriloquist Figures

Dressing your ventriloquist figure is always a challenge and you want your figure to look the best it can. One of the items that is overlooked the most is the shirt.

I have found lots of people use turtleneck tee shirts and yes this does work but it does not allow you to give the figure any dressing character.

I have found that a real dress shirt is the best to use on a figures because you can add a bow tie or long tie or even leave it unbuttoned and it looks right under a sport coat or sweater.

I have found that the stores that sell the clothing for parochial schools have the best dress shirts at the best price. In a normal department store a 4T dress white long sleeve shirt can run upwards of $20.00 but the stores that sell for parochial schools the cost for a dress shirt is around $7.00. To me that is a great price.

The brand shirt that the store I go to sells is called ” French Toast” and they sell the shirts in white, blue and yellow and also non button down or button down collar.

I also found that if you keep the under collar plastic when you un package the shirt, this helps keep the collar stiff and in position. Sometimes the collar may be just a bit too large so from the back side I pinch a fold and use a stapler to make it a bit smaller.

This works exceedingly well to make the collar fit the particular neck of a figure.



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  1. how about a link to the shirt company?

  2. Dan Willinger says:

    Since it was asked I did the leg work and here is the link to the official French Toast website.

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