Safety for Ventriloquist Figures

One thing that I seem to be asked quite often is how I protect the figures from falling over if they are accidentally bumped into. This is a great question because when the seating gets crowded the figures do tend to fall over as you move them to rearrange or fit another into the group.

I found that the use of bungy cords does the trick. I will secure the figure to the chair under the jacket and over the lap of the figure then tuck the shirt in over the cord so that it can’t be seen. The result is the figure is not going anywhere if it is bumped into.

I just think about Happy Hazzard sitting back stage and that stage hand knocking him over and the resulting mess that occurred for Cy Leonard. It is safe to say that is not going to happen again here in the Ventriloquist Central Collection.

Also those cords are very inexpensive. You can find them at the flea markets and it is a great way to hold your figure if you keep him out of his suitcase!!



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  1. David Thrasher says:

    What a great idea. I’m going to think about some way of including a safety cord with the figures I plan to make.

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