Sad News

The following was an email sent by Joe Lopez:


I’m writing to inform you of a tragic situation regarding my good friend, puppeteer and performer, Steve Meltzer.

Steve has been running the Santa Monica Puppetry Center for ten years. He has done thousands of marionette and vent shows, and hosted Paul Winchell’s last public performance there. At the con-VENT-ion, he has lectured, and been a dealer. Steve’s love of puppetry, vent, and support of the convention has been a major force in his life.

Due to the economy Steve was forced to close the doors to the theatre following his last show on Sunday, August 16th, 2009. Two hours after the closing Steve suffered a stroke, and was found by close friend, Mike Clark.

After tests at the hospital, it was determined that Steve had a brain tumor. Two days later surgery was perfomed to remove the tumor, which was then sent for a biopsy. The results were not good.
Steve has a Stage 4 Melanoma, which has spread to his lymphatic system. Steve has gotten his speech back haltingly, and his left side is partially paralyzed. He is facing Chemo, and a long and challenging rehab. Throughout this ordeal Steve’s outlook and sense of humor is positive, and he has received many visits from friends and members of the Los Angeles Puppetry Guild.

I’m letting you know all this because Steve is a great friend and in need of all the support and prayers he can get. If you feel like sending a card, I’m sure it would brighten his day, and strengthen his spirits. You can send it to Steve Meltzer, c/o The Santa Monica Puppetry Center,1014 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Thanks!


Steve, you are in our thoughts and prayers.


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  1. bob abdou says:

    I am sure all that know Steve wish him all the best in recovery and a stress less life, if there is anyone that has puppet blood running through his veins, it would be Steve, he is a fighter!!

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