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A member of the New England Magic Collectors Association know as Robert Olson has captured the essence of this early 19th Century magician and ventriloquist Richard Potter. Bob is a magic historian and avid collector dealer of magic, magic tokens, and ephemera concerning this art. He is known by us in the ventriloquist world for having been chosen by Sylvia Burns, wife of the late Stanley Burns, to liquidate Stanley’s vast collection of ventriloquial paper. He has been listing items for sale on eBay for Sylvia for the past 4 years.

Bob has done a great show performing as Richard Potter and has done this in the exact style of this early American performer. I had the privilege of seeing his Potter show some years back at the Old Sturbridge Village Museum in Sturbridge Ma. Although he was great and presented the magic of Richard Potter, Bob did not do a ventriloquism part. I know he can do ventriloquism and I know he used to use a Len Insull Figure. I am not sure if he still does own that figure.

In keeping with this story about Bob Olsen we have decided to put up a great story about Richard Potter in the Articles of Interest covering this early American ventriloquist. It is a great article and I am sure you will enjoy reading about this famous American.

Click Here for The Celebrate Ventriloquist – Richard Potter


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