Pro Cheeky Style Ventriloquist Figure For Sale


Here is a chance to purchase a really fine pro built ventriloquist figure in the true cheeky boy style. This full size 42″ tall figure is built using Mike Brose head, hands, body and feet. The head is mounted on a wooden head stick and has the following functions. He has slot jaw, side to side self centering eyes and shell blinkers.

The paint on this guy is very detailed and is colored to give a great look on stage. His wig is attached with velcro so changing his wig is very easy. He has an arm rod also to give you the hand movement function.

The head is ball and socket for 360 degree rotation. He comes to you dressed as shown and does include a pair of black converse sneakers and black socks. I removed them to show you his feet.

This figure was built by a pro builder and the quality of the mechanics and how they function shows this. Very smooth and made to last a lifetime.

If you were to purchase all the parts to build this figure you would spend hundreds so here is a chance to be into the professional figure at not much more than the cost to start a build project.

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  1. Cal says:

    Hey Dan,
    Not sure if you have done a piece on this figure maker but check the link out:

    He appears to have a unique technique for crafting vent figures.


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