Packing For Shipping Ventriloquist Figures

With the holiday season upon us I started thinking about all the packages that are being packed and shipped everywhere and it got me to thinking about shipping ventriloquist figures.

It is important to think about the head when packing. An item overlooked all the time are the raising eyebrows. If you have this function you should take some tissue paper and pad underneath the eyebrows. This will keep them from getting bent. Yes this does happen more often than you may think.

The head stick is also very vulnerable to breakage. first you should move the levers to a position as close to the head stick as possible then wrap in small size bubble wrap. The another wrapping of the head stick with large bubble wrap.

Next find a box to closely fit the head. cut a slot for the head stick to fit into and lay the head face up into the box with the head stick wrapped sticking out. Pad with small size bubble wrap all around the face and head and then close the box and seal.

This really makes the head almost impervious to any damage. Next you fit this into the larger box with the body and you are good to go.

Better to be safe and make sure the figure gets to the destination in one piece.


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One Response to Packing For Shipping Ventriloquist Figures

  1. David Boiano says:

    Something else to remember to wrap up in bubble wrap are the hands, don’t want those getting broken either, as we just talked about in another post, the hands are important too – and as breakable as the head.
    Something else I started doing years ago. I had shipped a figure wrapped very well, no chance of breakage, but somehow, the package got very wet, so wet it got through to the figure and it’s clothes. So ever since, after I get through with all my bubblewrapping, I put the head in a large plastic garbage bag and tie it up, and I do the same thing with the body.

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