New Poll – What Ventriloquist Figure is Your Choice??

It has been over a month that we have run the poll on going to convention or not and the totals stayed pretty much the same for the entire time at 70% not going to 30% going. I am sure that the increased cost of fuel had much to do with this outcome.

We decided to replace that poll with a new one and here it is…..If you were given a choice of having only one figure and the two figures to choose from were a Frank Marshall figure or a McElroy brother’s figure which would you choose? Now I know the monetary choice but try not to let that swing your decision. Go to the figure collection pages and look at both maker’s figures and then decide. This should make an interesting poll.




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3 Responses to New Poll – What Ventriloquist Figure is Your Choice??

  1. Joe Lopez says:

    My choise would be a McElroy figure because of there large size the great character the faces have with the many movements that can easily be seen on stage.


  2. Lee Dean says:

    Joe, my choice would be either a Marshall or McElroy by Ray Guyll, or a Steve Hurst one.

  3. Lee Dean says:

    For further explanation, I could not own either a real Marshall or McElroy. If I did I would simply have to put it in a glass case. If I had either by Guyll or anybody else, I would not feel that way and not be afraid to use it.

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