Name the Ventriloquist Picture Identities Revealed

Frist off I want to thank each and every one of you who wrote in to both Steve the webmaster and me, with your guesses on the picture that was posted. As I said, this picture was sent to me by one of the people in the picture and that person is Ray Guyll. He is in the back row and is standing second from the right.

The rest of the vents listed are as follows: from left to right; row one is Bob Isaacson, Mark Wade and Johnny Main. Row 2 is Dr. Greg Berlin, Col. Bill Boley, Jimmy Nelson, Dennis Alwood, Ray Guyll and Walt Berlin.

sav board directors

As you can see when this picture was taken Bob Isaacson was wearing a full beard and even though it was definitely in style, he was, at the time performing as Capt. Bob and dressed in a yachtsman’s outfit when performing. I would love to see some video of Bob when he was doing this act!!

These older pictures are a lot of fun so if anyone out there has some and would like to do this again please send the picture in to me and I will be happy to do it again. This was fun!!!



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3 Responses to Name the Ventriloquist Picture Identities Revealed

  1. Greg C says:

    Whatever happened to Greg and Walt Berlin?

    • Timothy Haggerty says:

      Trying to find that out, I have artifacts from Walter when we hung out in the late 70’s. At that time he indicated some brain issues and unless messing with me, might not be around today. Would like to find his brother Dr. Greg Berlin.

  2. Grant Ellis says:

    Has anyone heard from Walt Berlin ? I knew him back in the mid 70’s.

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