Mystery Ventriloquist 06-28-10

It has been a while since we did a mystery ventriloquist. Last month, Dan Christopher was correct in guess the mystery ventriloquist as Walter Walters Jr. (Click here to see the last mystery ventriloquist)

So it is again time for you to put on your thinking cap and see if you can identify this ventriloquist. See if you can also give his figures names.





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7 Responses to Mystery Ventriloquist 06-28-10

  1. bob isaacson says:

    That’s Wayne Roland & his two rubber figures. Wayne originally used Marshall figures & then came up with these rubber figures. I believe he told me he had them specially cast around 1960 ? I first saw Wayne in 1964, where he was the M.C. & of course did his Vent Act. Very funny! Wayne was an excellent M.C. He headlined one of the Vent Haven Conventions Sat. night shows around 1982.

  2. Ya beat me to it again, Gramps! You’re good! That’s why we luv ya!

  3. Greg Claassen says:

    Whatever happened to Wayne? I saw him perform live at a convention in Indianapolis, IN back about 1972. Had never seen a vent before. He did 4 shows on the trade show floor that day and I watched every one of them. Seeing his act live is one of the reasons I’m doing vent today.

    Greg Claassen

  4. Bob Isaacson says:

    To my understanding, although I’ve never been able to verify the fact : Wayne (real first name Milt) passed away several years ago.

  5. rob miller says:

    if memory serves me correctly,i saw him at lake county fairgrounds and he was the first ventriloquist i saw that had members of the audience come onstage and be “dummies” for him…he was very funny..another one of the legendary ones that inspired me

  6. Alan Gabor says:

    My family knew Wayne and Joann Roland for many years. In the 80’s, they retired and moved to Hemet Ca. He passed away soon after. Our family still misses him.

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