Mouth Movement Of The Ventriloquist Figure

Moving the mouth of a ventriloquist figure may be the most important aspect of ventriloquist except for the ventriloquist not moving his or her own lips. The ventriloquist figure doesn’t need anything else to be a real boy or girl in the audiences mind if it has the capability of speaking.

I always show my figures to you in my videos and I am the first to admit I am NOT a ventriloquist and therefore you will hear the mouth clack and also sometimes it doesn’t move in sync with what I may be saying. I am the first person to admit this.

You really must make sure you know how your figure’s mouth moves, meaning how far it will open and also when it will make the clacking sound. You must practice having either your thumb or finger, which ever you use to control the mouth lever, actually always ride on the lever. Practice the mouth movement until you really know where to stop on the closing of the mouth so you don’t get the sound.

Also the mouth should open and close with every syllable of every word. This will give you the illusion that your figure is in fact talking.

I am no ventriloquist by any means but these small tips will certainly help you become a much better one.


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  1. Bill Smith says:

    Well if that isn’t a post screaming for the phrase “Physician, heal thyself”, i don’t know WHAT is! ROFL! {Just teasing you Dan} :)

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