More About the ConVENTion From Ventriloquist Pete Michaels

While in Vegas, I received this email from Pete…

Hi Dan;

Sorry you couldn’t make it this year. We missed ya.

Yes, this was one of the best we ever had. Thanks to Terry and Jeff, the Museum received two very generous donations.

We had over 80 First Time attendees, who were identified by a red dot AND a red ribbon on their name tags. It made them much easier to see and identify.

The “family” feeling was abound this year. I think people are finally getting it. This is a GROUP thing. We are all there for each other. To help and learn. And that’s a great thing!

The workshops, lectures, shows and open mic’s were great!
My son, Peter Jr. performed again with his partner, Tommy. They closed with Tommy singing The Four Seasons hit “Rag Doll” to Tommy’s new “friend,” a little rag doll. He was a hit!

My lecture this year was “What Comes First, The Puppet Or The Voice?” For this one-hour lecture, I brought Gitch, Woody D., Mr. Johnson, Papa, Krelmin, and Milo Deville.
All in attendance found it to be very informative and entertaining. I had Lee Cornell tape it for me and I will be releasing it soon on DVD.

Later that evening at the Saturday Night Show, while waiting backstage, I began to feel a bit cold and clammy. As we got closer to show time, it seemed to be getting worse. As Jerry Layne was giving my intro, I suddenly felt like I was going to vomit. I walked onstage and went into my act. Three times during my set, I almost “tossed my cookies.” I was sweating profusely and my stomach was doing barrel rolls. I could barely talk, much less sing. (Which I did three times during my set.) After we all took our bows, I made a Bee Line to the men’s room just outside the hall and threw up twice. I looked at myself in the mirror and my face was the color of Cream Of Wheat. LOL!

I went to my room and got sick again. Fortunately, Bonnie Halfond had a fresh bottle of Pepto which helped ease the discomfort.

I tried to figure out what caused this, as I was FINE during my lecture earlier in the day. I had lunch with Ken Groves and ate the Sirloin Burger. I found out later on, that SEVERAL of us who had the Sirloin got sick.

Whoever coined the phrase “The show must go on” needs a slap! LOL!

That aside, Stacey, Diana, Peter and I all had a wonderful time and we’ll be back next year. Hope to see you then!


Thanks, Pete.



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  1. George Boosey says:

    Pete —
    Despite your discomfort on stage, I can tell you from someone sitting just two rolls back, it didn’t show during your act — evidence of your skill in getting on with the show.
    — George Boosey

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