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We received this email from one of our readers “across the pond” as we say in the U.S. and thought we would share it with you:

Hello Dan and Steve

May I Wish You A Truly Magical & Futterwackingly Fantastic New Year 2020!

Thank you for your message and as a professional Ventriloquist and Puppeteer I wondered whether it would be possible for you to include a line or two about my new little Puppet Theatre and little Puppet Museum – ‘Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre and Puppet Museum’ – here in Devon, England – which I set-up in December 2019?

I perform Ventriloquism Puppet Shows in the little Puppet Theatre on Saturdays and Sundays Afternoons each week and the Puppet Museum is Open to Visitors Every Monday between 10am-4pm. The website has further details and background information about my the Puppet Theatre and Puppet Museum and my professional experience, testimonials and feedback, photos and video clips – if you would care to visit: www.MissMerlyndaPuppetTheatre.com

If you would like to include any of my puppetry photographs or details about the Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre & Puppet Museum in a Ventriloquist Central Newsletter – please feel free to do so.

I also teach Ventriloquism to private students here at the Puppet Theatre and Museum – and if you would like further details – please don’t hesitate to contact me. My professional email address is:


I do look forward to hearing from you and Thank You so very much indeed for the fantastic wealth of fascinating facts and details that you send via the Ventriloquist Central Newsletter – neither puppetry professional or puppetry enthusiast could ever possibly do without it!

With Very Kindest Wishes – Miss Merlynda

Merlynda Robinson – Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre & Puppet Museum – www.MissMerlyndaPuppetTheatre.com

Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre & Puppet Museum
Bucks Mills
Devon EX39 5DY

Tel: 01237 431166
email: MissMerlyndaPuppetTheatre@aol.com

If you live in the area you might want to check out, ‘Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre and Puppet Museum’.

Steve and Dan


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