John Pizzi Presents His Newest Creation – The Virtual Ventriloquist © 2012 John Pizzi

john pizzi virutual ventriloquist

If you saw ventriloquist John Pizzi on America’s Got Talent, then you saw he was using some new technology (if you didn’t see it, click here).

Here’s a great little video of John explaining his Virtual Ventriloquist © 2012 John Pizzi:





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3 Responses to John Pizzi Presents His Newest Creation – The Virtual Ventriloquist © 2012 John Pizzi

  1. Mike Palma says:

    You just gotta like this guy!!! Great vent and seems like a great guy!! Hope to meet him at the convention this year!!

  2. Dan Batten says:

    I saw John on AGT this season auditioning with his new creation and Loved it!! There used to be a vendor at Vent Haven ConVENTion, who may have only been there the first time I went in 2009, who was marketing a type of virtual vent figure, via some software using a monitor screen. It made the vent figure appear as a cartoon or animated figure on the screen. Not to step on anybody’s toes, if that person reads this, but I wasn’t very impressed. Maybe someone reading this post actually purchased that product? Let me get to my point here. In comparison to John Pizzi’s latest creation, there is no comparison. John created a REAL vent figure here, instead of using a headstick he uses a remote. Also, when he performs you can see that John is doing the ventriloquism. You don’t sit there wondering if it was a pre-recorded track on some program. Great job Mr. Pizzi!! I’m behind your creation 1000%!!

  3. Bob Isaacson says:

    John really brought Ventriloquism into the “technology age”. Very creative & a definite hit with the judges & audience. Shows what 20+ years in show business can produce. Great job John, congratulaions !

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