Is It Possible to Collect Ventriloquist Figures Today?

A question I am asked over and over again is how can I purchase a Frank Marshall figure or a McElroy Brothers ventriloquist figure and I have a very hard time telling folks that it is not that easy. It took many many years before I was able to purchase my first Frank Marshall figure. I can say it just does not happen, you have to make it happen.

Years ago if you went to the Vent Haven Convention all the tables were covered with Hard figures and there was always a Marshall or two that would show up for sale. Unfortunately times change and as soft figures took hold, less and less hard figures show up at the convention. There are still a few dealers that come with hard figures such as Tim Selberg, Albert Alfaro and David Deneen (Mr. Dead Guy).

The older figures just don’t seem to appear at the convention any longer. I myself have set up with a table a couple times with antique figures but the attendees were looking for the soft figures. The few I did sell I could have sold without taking them to the convention but it was fun setting up and meeting everyone and of course showing some of the older figures seldom seen anymore.

So you must scour the antique world looking for the coveted antique ventriloquist figures. They do still show up every so often in antique shops or malls, flea markets and of course eBay. On line buying is more than likely where you are going to find older figures because antique dealers today reach the whole world rather than just the few that go antiquing on the Saturday or Sunday drive.

As a matter of fact going antiquing in your car has also, for the most part, become a thing of the past. I can remember being able to drive through just about any city and seeing a street with all the antique shops but now that seems to be a thing of the past.

I also subscribe to a few antique newspapers which list the auctions that are taking place and look for ventriloquist figures that may be listed in the sale. I have been lucky a few times this way too.

So will you find a Marshall or McElroy you ask?? The Marshall you should be able to find but I am not so sure about the McElroy. The McElroy Brothers say in the audio interview that they produced over 100 figures but I don’t believe that number. I think they may have produced upwards of fifty and to date only around twenty five are known. I would think if you were in the Cincinnati area you would have the best chance to find a McElroy that is as yet undiscovered as that is where they brothers were from.


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6 Responses to Is It Possible to Collect Ventriloquist Figures Today?

  1. P. Grecian says:

    Every time I hit an antique store they tell me some guy with a gray beard beat me there. “You should have come sooner,” they say, “there was a guy here just an hour ago who bought a whole bunch of dummy-things from us. He said they were all marshals, but not one of ’em was wearin’ a badge.”

  2. Dan says:

    Yup it was me!! LOL

  3. James Manalli says:

    Do you feel that the trend for soft figures continues today?
    If so your chances of finding antique hard figures may increase due to fewer persons seeking them out.

  4. Dan says:

    James I do think the trend is still for the soft figures without question but I am not sure that would cause a rise in antique figures to be found. As matter of fact the number of antique figures I have found in antique stores or flea markets is rather small. Most of the figures in the Ventriloquist Central Collection have come because of persoanl contact. I have been able to purchase some through my antique connections but they are rare to find in the antique world.

  5. bob abdou says:

    another reason why I like living in Ohio, I found a Finis Robinson mint condition, loaded at an Antique store, there is a McElroy somewhere for sale in Ohio

  6. Dan says:

    Ya Bob wishfull thinking for sure!!

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