Inspired Worx Ventriloquist Figures

It is with great pleasure that I am posting this today on the Ventriloquist Central Blog. Bill Nelson has been a figure maker for decades and his figures are present in many collections today, not just ventriloquists, but doll collectors too. Each figure is totally unique and simply incredible.

Bill has teamed up with mechanic and figure builder Dan Lavender and they are producing some of the finest ventriloquist figures out there. Read more about these two artists and look at pictures of some of their work.

Here’s more about Inspired Worx:

INSPIRED WORX, the incomparable team of artists DAN LAVENDER and BILL NELSON, are now creating a new and very unique line of ventriloquist figures. As in all INSPIRED WORX figures, the line between utilitarian and works of art, blurs.

Each character is loaded with personality and charm, and come to life before they utter a single word.

There is no other that can touch the artistry of BILL NELSON ; His individually sculpted characters, each wholly unique in every way, coupled with his theatrical overpainting, carefully chosen and fitted wigs, and antique clothing, are without equal.

Coupled with the incredible and imaginative animations of figuremaker and self-taught engineer, DAN LAVENDER, who gives each INSPIRED WORX figure life in the most realistic ways, and , together bring the art of figuremaking to a higher standard.

Their figures overflow with humor and charm.

With Bill`s gift for creating characters without parallel, and Dan`s mechanical genius, INSPIRED WORX figures move out of the realm of mere puppets into a rarified place between automatons and fine art.

INSPIRED WORX has raised the bar in the art of figuremaking.

Check out some of their figures:








Here’s is ventriloquist Bob Baker and Archie P. Nelson from Vent Haven ConVENTion 2011.

If you want one of the best in both artistry and mechanics an Inspired Worx figure is what you need.



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  1. Bill Matthews says:

    What’s their web site? I’d LOVE to check out their full line.

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