Incomplete Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Head

incomplete marshall head-001S

I thought everyone would love seeing a Frank Marshall head that was underway but actually never was finished.

This head started out life as a Tommy Knots head but it was in the process of being re carved. It is all wood carved with an application of wood dough over it to do some changes. As you can see from the pictures the right ear was quite close to being completed but the left side had not yet been done.

This head was part of a treasure trove of items that was acquired by Brian Hamilton from Frank Marshall’s sister May after Frank had passed away. I am not sure if the redo was being done by Brian or Frank himself but it sure was going to be a fine face.

incomplete marshall head-002S

incomplete marshall head-003S

incomplete marshall head-004S

incomplete marshall head-005S

Recent purchases is causing me to possibly part with this great piece of vent figure building history so if you are interested contact me.

In any case I hope you enjoy looking at this great Frank Marshall head.



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2 Responses to Incomplete Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Head

  1. LeeDean says:

    I think it is a Brian Hamilton work on Frank Marshall piece.

  2. Gary Koepke says:

    I tend to agree with Lee. I’ve seen complete Tommy Knotts figures built by Brian from the duplicarved heads. I think May gave him alot of them!

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