Hard Figure vs Soft Figure

I don’t know if it is this site or not but after running the latest poll right here on my blog asking hard or soft figures, it seems that you, the readers, are overwhelmingly in favor of the hard figure. At 82% over 18% clearly the hard figure wins this competition.

I have said many times that I love the hard figure and a mark of the true ventriloquist is a hard figure. Puppeteers use soft figures and that is not bad but I just love hard figures.

On another note I asked for some help on the Forum so please take a few minutes to go and take a look and maybe you can be of some help for identification and help for the Tribute to Ventriloquism pages.

Click here for the Forum

It would be greatly appreciated. The Forum has been overlooked but I believe that it is a very valuable asset to Ventriloquist Central and I do hope more of you will join in and ask or answer questions.

It seems that the summer doldrums are upon us since the ConVENTion and there really isn’t much going on right now but if you have anything exciting to report we are always happy to put it out there for you.



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