Guest Blog – Bob Abdou With Johnny Main

The year was 2000. My friend and mentor, Johnny Main invited me to visit him at his home in upstate New York and spent a wonder filled week with the great Johnny Main.

This was going to be a special visit for me because at my very first ventriloquist convention, in 1993 when I first walked into the lobby at the Drawbridge Inn, I got to see my very first ventriloquist dummy besides the one I owned. The ventriloquist was Johnny Main and he was using a cowboy dressed figure called “Snuffy” to welcome all vents. So spending time with Johnny at his home was a great treat for me.

The video might blur in and out because I bought my very first video camera for this special trip and it was a cheap one that did not focus very well. But what is captured on tape will live on in vent history.

The year Johnny died, an ashtray with a lit cigarette was re-created at the restaurant at the convention in memory of Johnny Main. Johnny had 3 loves in his life, his son Johnny Jr., ventriloquism and smoking.

Bob Abdou/Mr.Puppet

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Thanks for sharing, Bob.



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2 Responses to Guest Blog – Bob Abdou With Johnny Main

  1. Rick says:

    That was fantastic thank you so much for sharing that rare vidio.

  2. Bill DeMar says:

    It was good to see and hear Johnny Main. To soon gone. He was really a nice guy.

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