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This was sent in to me by Nick Carpenter and as I read this all I kept saying to myself was “Boy I wish I got to see that show” so folks read this great review of my dear friend ventriloquist Pete Michaels and make sure if he is performing near you to go and see him!!

ventriloquist pete michaels


Hello ~
I don’t post to the lists very often unless there is something special to share with you.

When it’s laughter I’m after I go to the Treehouse Comedy Clubs.
Last Saturday night VENTriloquist Pete Michaels headlined at the Treehouse Comedy Club in Stratford,CT.

I’ve known Pete for over 30 years and have seen Pete perform more times than anybody on the lists.

Please bear in mind that Pete is always entertaining and is a crowd pleaser.

Last night was extra special. Allow me to explain.

The emcee and middler exceeded their individual time limits which meant the audience was tired out even before Pete walked on stage.
Not the ideal set of circumstances for any headliner but for a professional entertainer it was not really a problem.

In fact,I think it was a catalyst for his entire set.

Pete has an energy level of 100 % but last night was dramatically different.

I read his ‘body language’ from the moment he walked on the stage.
His body shouted to the audience.

It said ‘listen ! laugh ! and have fun ! that is an order and not an option !!!’

There seemed to be a surge of ‘comedic energy’ raging through his torso.

His ‘energy level’ was set at 250 % and never waivered during his set.

His physical comedy,facial gestures and impressions were magnified and magnificent.

His set begins with 30 to 35 minutes of standup comedy and features his tribute to Jerry Lewis doing ‘The Typewriter’.

And then he introduces VENTriloquism to his act with ‘Woody D’. Woody D is an African-American with a knack for verbal jousting with Pete and with members of the audience.

The results are hilarious and produce gales of laughter.

Pete and Woody D closed their 35 – minute set with a song.

In closing,it was clearly evident to me that Pete had FUN last night. It was probably the BEST performance that I’ve ever seen him give.

In a word,Pete Michaels was (and is) FUNtastic !!!
submitted by Nick Carpenter



Thanks Nick for the review!!



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