Frank Marshall's Leather Mouth Ventriloquist Figure


I was wondering about leather mouth American figures and knew that Pinxy had done a leather mouth because I have one in the Ventriloquist Central Collection and you can see him here and also Shaw made the figures with leather mouths which you can see here.

I also know that in the Craig Lovik made the figures with his term for leather mouth “Living Mouth Figures”. Actually the mouth is an English Mouth since they have been made that way in England since the 19th century.

I was talking with Bob Isaacson about this and asked him if he knew weather Frank Marshall had done a leather mouth because I had not seen one. To my delight he told me that he did in fact know of at least one Frank Marshall figure that had a leather mouth. It was made by Frank Marshall for Dr. Sonntag.

Today , to my surprise, I received a photo of the Dr Sonntag Leather Mouth Frank Marshall figure from Bob. He told me that he remembered seeing this figure in Frank Marshall’s shop back in 1951. Bob thanks so much for sharing with me and of course all of you who read my blog.



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