Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figure On eBay

It certainly was fun watching the Marshall figure that ended on eBay last Friday. During the course of that week I had many many emails asking about this figure and now I can say with no reservations it was a wonderful example of Marshall’s work but there were a few things that kept me from bidding.

First in my opinion the paint was not original. The eyebrows were not done like Marshall plus the skin tone was not Marshall and he had no eyeshadow which is also not typical for Marshall. The seller then added pictures of the headstick and the control for the side to side eye movement was without question not Marshall. The placement of the wig was also not correct and it made him look like a Frankenstein head. So there were a multitude of things that kept me from bidding on him.

I must also say that Marshall figures, like this one, or any kind for that matter, do not show up very often so when one does come along, and if you have always wanted a Marshall figure, then you have to bid. I was asked was he worth the price paid? And the answer is of course YES. It sold for $5101.00 so it has to be worth it to at least the buyer and also the under bidder.

I will say that if I didn’t already own a Marshall and I wanted one, then this particular Marshall would have come to my collection. You just have to make up your mind and decide if it is for you. As prolific a builder as Frank Marshall was, his figures today are very hard to find so when opportunity knocks.

I hope this helps everyone who sent in questions to me. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below.



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