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I am not a huge buyer of paper concerning ventriloquism but every once in a while I am able to pick up some interesting paper item and I like to share it with everyone. Such is the case today. I was able to purchase a few items that were from Frank Marshall and among this lot was a very nice type written list of ventriloquist figures, punch and Judy puppets and marionettes that were all used and refurbished by Frank.

On this list he even states that he will take used figures in trade for new figures he sells. I found this most interesting because no one had ever told me previously that he did this type of trading. Not that it surprises me though as he was a business man and all figures are worth money to someone.

He also says in this flyer that he will refurbish any other figure and make it like new for the customer. This I am sure he did because I have both seen and owned figures made by other makers of his time that he had redone. A very good friend of mine has a terrific Ken Spencer figure which Marshall redid and it looks like a Marshall instead of a Spencer.

So I hope you enjoy looking at this great piece of vent history. Also check out these prices as these were from 1932. Can someone please lend me their way back machine?!

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