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I don’t know the reason but today on almost every figure that has raising eyebrows we see the windshield wiper type effect. I don’t know about you but to me this is just the wrong way for an eyebrow to look. Eyebrows do not move from the far corner of the forehead and move upwards in a 45 degree movement. That is just wrong and for some reason that is what we see.

Frank Marshall the genius that he was corrected this by the use of a tiny cut out wedge on the side of the forehead in which the little piece of metal rod would ride giving the 45 degree pitch. The the eyebrow on the forehead moved in a more natural ( correct style. The small piece of metal was painted to match the skin tone then the metal shaped eyebrow was soldered on and painted.

Frank also realized that he could get the same effect without the v wedge cut and just the piece of metal coming out of the side of the head and then bent to the right position to give the correct throw. I have pictured this as well.

I have also included just painted eyebrows done by Marshall to show you that he shaped his raising eyebrows just about the same.

From a very slight distance you only see the eyebrows moving up and down and you do not see the metal ends. Also you do not have the incorrect windshield wiper type movement.

Click here to see Frank Marshall & his eyebrows




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3 Responses to Frank Marshall and His Eyebrows

  1. LeeDean says:

    What that arrangement does is make brows move closer together at apex of raised brows to offset the wiper effect. I don’t know of any Marshall with brows that lowered where opposite would occur and make brows move farther apart. It definitely was more forgiving, considering where hole drilled wrong place simply place brows where want them then solder in place to metal piece at each side of head. As for natural look it is easier to move eyebrows toward each other than away, so Marshall was right on.

  2. Lee sorry to say you have to go to the Marshall figures and look at the Lester Marshall Jr figure. The eyebrows on that figure are lowering which proves Frank did them both ways.

  3. LeeDean says:

    Dan, you are right about the Lester Marshall, Jr. figure. I may be wrong too in my analysis of brows moving toward or away from each other. I owned two Marshalls equipped with raising eyebrow movement, but it was a long time ago. I do remember, however, the V slots and metal pieces, and that the angle of brows at their apex seemed to be the same as at rest, no wiper effect just as you state.

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