Female Mystery Ventriloquist


This time we have a female mystery ventriloquist. Any ideas who this is?




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14 Responses to Female Mystery Ventriloquist

  1. Lee Dean says:

    I think it is Kay Carole.

    • Judi & bernie fields says:

      We knew Kay Carole in 1977 when she was on sitmar cruises. Antonio dea if she’s still around?

      • Charles Cochran says:

        I think it’s Kay Carole, too. I worked on Sitmar cruises as a pianist – singer in the early eighties and dined with her many times at the entertainers table. She was a marvelous act. Much earlier in in the mid fifties, Kay worked opposite female impersonator Rae Bourbon at a Miami Beach cabaret called the Red Carpet. It was daring for us college students to go there— the police raided the place now and then and published the names of the customers.

  2. Gary Koepke says:

    I think it’s Trudy Stadleman… Paul Stadleman’s wife.

  3. Tom Wozniak says:

    I have a feeling it is Bess Myerson

  4. Philip Grecian says:

    I’m with Gary and Pete on this. Trudy Stadelman with Cindy Wiggins.

  5. Lee Dean says:

    Interesting article on Paul Stadelman of Hopkinsville, KY in New Era news. including about his wife, Trudy Stadelman. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=266&dat=19640316&id=-OorAAAAIBAJ&sjid=b2cFAAAAIBAJ&pg=1033,5637626

  6. Lee Dean says:

    I apologize as article is not about Trudy but somebody else’s wife.

  7. Michael Carlton says:

    I am trying to find Kay Carole who worked with Tommy. Kay’s mother used to sew his outfits. I knew Kay in NYC prior to her moving to Miami.

  8. richard veit says:

    this is for Michael Carlton … I do not know who the mystery female ventriloquist is, but I do have a few nice photographs of Kay Carole with her dummy Tommy when she performed at Murray Franklin’s during the mid 1950’s that my father took.

  9. Alden Rivers says:

    I can’t believe I’ve found someone who knew Kay and her dummy Tommy! I was 17 years old in 1955 Bridgeport Connecticut when I got a job as a singer in the strip joint she was working in then, ‘The Cafe’ Howard’. I have recently published a novel,
    The Cafe’ ‘Royal’, which is a wonderful, colorful story of the 1950s and my relationships with the cast and crew of The Howard at that time. The fact that my parents knew nothing of my new career makes this a true coming of age story. Fay was not only an entertainer but also booked all the acts and managed the show. She is one of the main characters in my story. If Fay is still alive I would very much like to speak with her. If you could be of any help it would be much appreciated. You can reach me at my e mail address – ARivers609@aol.com or call me, which I would prefer, at 203-264-2903. Thanks in advance,

    Alden Rivers

  10. Denise Guarnery says:

    It’s Trudy for sure. I worked for her back in the 70’s and met her lovely husband Paul who performed close up magic for me after dinner. You can tell it’s Trudy – she had that one amazing tooth that added to her superlative smile and charm.

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