Effanbee Pinback Button for your Charlie McCarthy Doll

I have loved the original 1937 issue Charlie McCarthy dolls that were put out by Effanbee and when they were first sold they came in a beautifull paisley design white box with Bergen’s label on one end. The doll came in standard form 20″ tall dressed in a black tuxedo with a top hat, cape and a small pinback stating this is an Effanbee product. These pinbacks are extremely hard to find today and that is because the owners would remove the pins and wear them back in the 1930’s because of the popularity of Charlie McCarthy.

In the world of antiques a good reproduction is commonly priced at 25% of the real price for an item. The original pinbacks that came with these Charlie McCarthy figures sell today from $85.00 and up and I myself have purchased them in that price range. One day I decided to make a reproduction of this pin to make it available and affordable to anyone who has one of these Charlie dolls. If you haven’t seen one click here.

I have sold about a dozen of these and have not had any complaint until yesterday when I received an email saying the pin did not look good compared to an original this person had. I of course made the gesture of refunding his money because I want no one to be unhappy but…..this is a reproduction and is very good quality and DOES in fact look terrific on the lapel of the Effanbee figure. Here are pictures of two Charlies one with the original pin and one with my reproduction. I think you will agree the reproduction looks great!!






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3 Responses to Effanbee Pinback Button for your Charlie McCarthy Doll

  1. Bill Smith says:


    I think you did an AWSOME job, & that was a generous undertaking! There will always be cry babies in this world. Let her try to find an ORIGINAL at the same price! MAYBE then, she’ll be happy! M-A-Y-B-E!!!!!

  2. Steven J says:

    They look better than the original!! I have had people complain for no reason as well. Just let it go like water off a ducks back! Nice job!

  3. Kristin Stann says:

    Excellent job!!! If you still sell these I’d love to buy 1! I purchased an original 1937 Effanbee doll as a birthday gift for my nephew, who shares the Charlie McCarthy name. The doll is missing the original box, pinback & booklet. I don’t need the box as I plan to place the doll in a glass case but I’m looking to purchase reproductions of both pinback & book that accompanied the doll.

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