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Again I am happy to say a couple rather famous ( not so sure ) ventriloquists figures have joined the Ventriloquist Central Collection. Doris Faye is her name and she used 2 ventriloquist figures the male character named Tyrone ( made by Frank Marshall ) and Sunflower ( made by John Carroll).

They are great examples of both makers work and are original as Doris used them. Still dressed in the cloths Doris dressed them in also.

I have attached a couple pictures of Doris with Tyrone and Sunflower and I will be adding pictures of the figures very soon.


A little side note, the John Carroll figure is the second figure made by Mr Carroll to join the collection and how ironic is it that both of the figures were used by female ventriloquists.

The other Carroll figure was used by Vicky Taylor. you can click here to see that figure


Have you seen the Frank Marshall Tribute DVD, click here


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6 Responses to Doris Faye Ventriloquist

  1. Michael Zandman says:

    I saw Ms Faye as Princess Ticklefeather maybe in 1961- would love to learn more about her and if there is a contact addy? Just one of those few good memories of my childhood
    Thank you

  2. thirteen says:

    Doris Faye played Princess Ticklefeather to Bill Britten’s cowboy Three-Gun Willie in 1957-58 on WABD/WNEW, Channel 5 in New York. They also co-hosted Wonderama on Sunday mornings during this period. Together, they ran Britten-Faye Productions. In 1962, their company registered its rights to a plush toy called Polly Parrot, but nothing ever seemed to come of that. I’d like to know what happened to Doris. Bill Britten is still alive AOTP and is better known as having played Bozo the Clown on WPIX Channel 11 for five years, beginning in 1959.

  3. Bob says:

    Doris Faye “passed away on July 3, 2012”.

  4. Kevin S.Butler. says:

    Sadly..Bill Britten(“Johnny Jellybean” and “Bozo”)also passed away.

  5. Kevin S.Butler says:

    Actually? Bill Britten and Doris Faye hosted”Wonderama” on WABD/WNEW TV Ch.5 in NYC..briefly from August to December,1958. I wrote about them in an article for “The NYC Kids Shows Round Up!”/”Lost Kids Shows”Section of “The TV Party”website.

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