Do You Know of a Ventriloquist Figure Book?

I know there are many books that have been written about building of ventriloquist figures and you can purchase a great course right here on Ventriloquist Central.

Even though there are plenty of books to use, I was asked if I knew of any book that covered the English mouth. English mouth is the use of the leather lower lip and sometimes the upper lip like that used by Len Insull.

Since my partner Steve has put out the figure building course (click here for more) I asked him but he too came up blank on any instruction in print.

Craig Lovik did to this style mouth and coined the phrase living mouth.

So I am going to throw this out and ask if any of you out there happen to know of any printed instruction on the construction of the English mouth. Please if you have any info send it along to me so that it can be shared.



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4 Responses to Do You Know of a Ventriloquist Figure Book?

  1. Marcelo Melison says:

    Actually, Dan, I would say there are TWO types of english mouth movemente style. One is the style used by Len Insull (and Geoff Felix today) and the other one has the leather patch below the lower lip but it does show the cuts at the side of the mouth… Think of “Hugo Fitch” from the movie “Dead of night” and Arthur Worsley’s “Charlie Brown”. I guess the difference is mainly in the location of the axis; the Insull style must have the axis glued against the sides of the lip and the older style must have the axis a little more at the back. The paper mache heads I make myself are a variation of this style: I make the lower lip wide enough to cover the gap so I don’t need a piece of chamois or leather and I install the axis as far back in the head as I can. And as far as I know, there is no book explaining how to make this type of mouth…

  2. Evan Hutchinson says:

    How can one get in contact with Geoff Felix? I would love to buy a figure from him.

  3. Dan Willinger says:

    Evan unfortunately for us here across the pond we can’t purchase from Felix. He will not sell outside of the UK. I guess he was burned and therefore stopped selling to us. You will have to take a trip to the UK and buy one over there.

  4. Tonya says:

    I love the English style / iving Mouth.
    Any idea what a decent price is for:
    a) a Geoff Felix figure?
    b) an Insull figure?
    c) An unkown no name living mouth figure?
    I love this type. I have an older ( no name one) that needs restoration
    and I want to buy a newer one and I’ve seen them in so many diffferent price ranges.
    Please Educate me on “What a DEAL” is when it comes to these types.
    Thank you for your help and this site is beyond Awesome!

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