Daylight Savings – Looking For Ventriloquist Figures

It is so nice to finally have a long day again. Back in the olden days when we all worked on the farm and had to be up a 4 in the morning to go and milk the cows and feed the chickens I can under stand why we had to turn the clocks back but in today’s age I just no longer understand why we have to do that. In my humble opinion it should be daylight savings and super daylight savings. I just think we need more time in the light and not less. We are all much happier in the daylight, that has been medically proven and we all accomplish much more in the daylight so the turning back of the clock to make the day shorter just makes no sense to me.
On that note with the longer days approaching that gives much more time for us all to get out there and beat the bushes looking for that elusive vent figure that has been lurking in someone’s basement or attic. Yes I am talking about hitting those yard sales or house sales and digging up those unfound wooden fellows that are begging to be resurrected. I can’t wait to get started on the hunt. Here in New England these sales are just now starting and the weather is certainly changing so it is off to the races.
As of this writing I have only found toy figures in my yard sale hunting but I just feel it in my bones that this year that will change. I am hoping for a find that I can write about and give everyone the thrill that making that find gives. Of course those longer hours of daylight help with the search. So get ready to hit the road and find those hidden treasures.


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  1. Lee Dean says:

    I had to get up at 5AM, milked 35 head morning and night again 5PM, even one Winter exposed to elements when dairy barn burned down, always smelled like lactose in school. Did this from age 12 on until off to TX college and so happy I was did not come back KY for 3 years. I liked the old time better, and feel sorry for my grandchildren waiting for school bus in dark, barely daybreak. Good luck looking for old figures.

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