Credit Where Credit is Due – Paul Winchell and Frank Marshall

It really was fun to watch the video where Frank Marshall was the mystery guest and Winchell did not know him (click here if you missed it). I myself find that very strange indeed but it was television and it had to look real.

Paul Winchell never really liked to give Frank Marshall credit for making Jerry Mahoney and in fact the version of Jerry that we all know is a rework done by Winchell. The original Jerry had regular thin eyebrows and the eyeliner around the eyes was not heavy as we see in most of the pictures of Jerry Mahoney.

Our good friend George Boosey has supplied us with a great photograph for us all to see where Jerry is in his original form from Frank Marshall and he even gives the master builder Frank Marshall credit with his inscription on same.



I hope you enjoy this photo and thanks George for sharing it with us all.



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  1. Stolf says:

    Dunno where else to turn…the internet doesn’t know, do you? What was the name of Paul’s black figure and when was it introduced? Thanx!!!

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